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4 years ago

Operations Department

Strongly supporting teaching and learning through facilities management, food service, operations, and transportation services.
David A. Pitts, Assistant Superintendent
Phone: (864) 938-2045
Vickie Sineath, Administrative Assistant
Phone: (864) 938-2048

Facilities consist of one child development center building, three elementary school buildings, one middle school building, one high school building, one district office building (shared with the City Municipal Building), and one Technology Services building. Over 500,000 square feet of buildings and 228 acres of property are maintained by a custodial staff of twenty-five people and a maintenance and yard staff of six people. Over six hundred pieces of mechanical equipment are monitored and maintained on a daily basis. Recognizing the significant impact that the environment has on learning, the district continues to provide resources to meet current and expanding student needs. Buildings, grounds and equipment are well maintained to provide effective and conducive learning environments for students throughout the district.

Food Services provided over 500,000 student lunches and 247,000 student breakfasts during the past year. An average of ninety-three percent of elementary students (pre K - grade 5) and eighty percent of all students (pre K-12) participated in the school lunch program. The universal breakfast program was implemented at an elementary school and middle school in the district. Both programs have been very successful with the middle school program being the first of its kind in the state of South Carolina. Plans are to continue both programs in the future.

The Transportation Department, operating twenty-nine state owned buses, safely transported fifteen hundred students per day over 500,000 miles during this past school year. Using ten activity buses and eleven vans, more than four hundred ninety activity and Medicaid trips were provided. In addition, over three hundred students were transported home during the school day and approximately 27,000 miles of transportation was provided for alternative and homebound students.

Video cameras and equipment have been installed on all state owned buses. This has resulted in a thirty-four percent decrease in high school bus-related discipline referrals. Plans are to equip all activity buses with cameras in the future.