Welcome to District 56 Office of Human Resources

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The Office of Human Resources  is committed to serving  the current  and 
future employees of Laurens County School District 56.


To recruit, train and retain a highly qualified, diverse work force.

                                                              WHILE STANDING BY OUR MISSION
To provide the highest quality of education and be an advocate for all students by preparing them for future learning. We will garner support through a culture of continuous improvement driven by integrity, teamwork, and perseverance.


  • Become ethical and productive citizens
  • Achieve and expect excellence
  • Embrace innovation
  • Forge new traditions

Notice of Vacancies

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Certified Positions

Laurens 56 is looking for applicants for the 2022-23 school year in the following areas:  

Teaching/Certified positions are available as follows:

To apply for a position listed above, 
complete our online application by clicking here.    
If you are already a Laurens 56 employee, email your interest to ruthgreen@lcsd56g.com.

Non-Certified Positions

Laurens 56 is looking for applicants in the following areas:

Instructional Assistant
to work one-on-one with a student
Clinton Middle School

To apply for the above positions, complete our online application by clicking HERE.

Nurse Substitutes for School Health Rooms
Must hold current RN or LPN license
Must hold current CPR certification
Must complete substitute training and health room training
Willing to work with all ages of children 4K-12th grade
To apply for this position , complete our substitute application by clicking here.   You may also come by the District Office and pick up an application.

Part-time and full-time positions available for Custodians and Day Porters at various schools, Custodial Supervisor and Janitorial Manager.
Applications are available at http://smoworks.com/careers
You must apply on-line at the above web address.  
(The employer for these positions is Supreme Maintenance Organization [SMO]. If you have difficulty applying or have questions please call 336-790-7495.) 

  Bus Drivers
Laurens County School District 56 has positions available for part-time bus drivers. Applicants must either already have their CDL license and their State Department of Education bus driver certification or obtain them within 180 days of completion of training. Applicants must pass the DOT physical (medical) exam. Applicants must be able to perform physical tasks as it relates to pre-trip/post-trip bus inspections, assisting students during bus evacuations, and maintaining the cleanliness of the bus.
 Interested persons may contact Mr. Chris Fair at 864-833-0823 for information. All applicants must fill out and submit a Laurens County School District 56 employment application. 


Laurens School District 56 is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, age, or handicap in admission to, access to, treatment in or employment in its programs and activities.
Office of Human Resources
211 North Broad Street, Suite B * Clinton, South Carolina 29325 * (864) 833-0800 * Fax (864) 833-0804

Insurance and Retirement Information

2 months ago

Welcome to the Laurens School District 56

Insurance and Retirement Information Page
Here you will find links to useful information to help you make choices
for insurance coverage and retirement plan selection. You can also
access information to help you with the retirement process.
For a review of state insurance offerings click on one of the links below: 
A comprehensive description of all state insurance benefits is contained in the Insurance Benefits Guide which all employees receive each year, or if a new hire, during the orientation process. The Insurance Benefits Guide is available on-line at:

For information on choosing a state retirement plan click here.

For information about a 403b retirement plan go to www.omni403b.com
For more information regarding state insurance and retirement options
go to www.peba.sc.gov .
As always, the Office of Human Resources
is available to assist you. 


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Applying for Certification:

To apply for a regular teaching certificate in South Carolina, you must go to the State Department Website at http://www.scteachers.org/cert/index.cfm
-click on "Steps to Certification" on the right hand side, this will guide you through the process of applying to a teacher certificate. 
- Also, exploring the rest of this site is recommended due to the wealth of information it provides.

Alternative Certification Routes:
Information on these will be coming soon! In the meantime, you may find information on the SC Department of Education website, http://www.sc.ed.gov.
Renewal of a Professional Certificate:
(things to remember)
1. Professional certificates have a validity of five years.
2.Every educator who has a professional certificate must earn and be ableto show documentation for 120 points for that 5 year validity period. Ways in which to earn points may be found in the Re-Certification Notebook.
3. You may submit documentation for points while you earn them or wait and turn in all documentation when is time to renew. You must submit points using the Renewal Computation Worksheet.


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Employees must give notice to the employer when the need for FMLA is foreseeable.

Thirty days advance notice if at all possible

If leave is not foreseeable, notice must be "as soon as practicable."

* Verbal notice within two days

* Notice may be by any electronic means

* Notice may be from relative or responsible party

FMLA does not count as excessive absences.

FMLA also provides measures for maintaining your insurance.